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Using super simple, mini motor to create patterns

Patterns are all around us! Do you realise there are patterns in days of weeks, months of the year, in a song, in a dance? Some see it, some don’t. Or, maybe, some see it differently. Everyone needs to learn about patterns especially from young. Patterns allow us to learn about sequencing, to learn about predictions, which in turns advances to mathematical skills and logic structure in our life.

How do we make or create patterns in a fun way?
No, we are not using blocks, not toys, not candies but using a super simple, mini motor. We are blessed to have Imagin80rs providing us the materials, allowing smarties to explore and tinker around freely. The Tinker Kit provided by Imagin8ors Pte Ltd presents every chance for S.T.E.A.M. learning at home and from an early age. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Gor gor had a great time exploring and figuring out how to assemble the items provided in the Tinker Kit and creating a ‘Viral Spiral.’ Of course, let’s not forget the hints from the App also created by Imagin8ors. There are so many valuable and fun ideas in the app that spark ideas in the minds of young children. (Psst…check out their website for more about the app.)

No worries if you are not into technology, just like mei mei here. There are many other tinkering materials to spark imagination and creativity. Yes, they are suitable for all genders and ages except for those who love to put things in the mouths.

We will definitely explore more and share with you guys. For now, let’s see how gor gor create patterns with the use of the super simple, mini motor. We have even laminated his pieces of art work and use it as a coaster!
(PS: pardon the quality of the video as it was taken and edited using a phone.)

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