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We are the kidpreneurs!

Bet you have heard a lot of the word entrepreneur but have you heard of kidpreneur? Maybe, maybe not. Those who have heard, should have noticed that nowadays there are more and more courses or classes or even enrichments that teach children how to be a business person.

Last weekend, there was an event held by Mums@Work called Mama’s Bazaar and Family Fun Event where they had a Kidpreneur Corner. The Kidpreneur Corner is solely meant for the kids to be a business person for a day or 2 (depending on the number of days the parents signed up for). We took part in it as well (on Sunday)! My purpose of taking part is not only to teach them about ownership  and money sense but to build their self confidence as well.

Smarties were pretty excited and the day started with Gor gor busy cracking his head on how to decorate his stall. He has only half the stall to himself as we were sharing the stall with another friend.

Taadaa!! His little stall is up!

Next thing to do was to decorate his signboard. The event organiser had someone to guide the kidpreneurs of the the day to design a signboard for their business. Even designing signboard is fun!

Now we have everything set up and ready to start the day!

After setting up and warming up to the event, it was time for them to get up on stage and introduce their business. Every single kidpreneur on stage will have a chance to speak up and show off their business with their signboard.


The day is not all about doing business. As you can see, gor gor had great fun running around play at other stalls too (while mummy helping to tend his stall and mei mei went back home for a nap)!


Guess what? He won himself some prizes from the games and he was thrilled about it. At the end of the event, gor gor started packing and he made sure everything was properly packed into his bag before heading off. A great sense of responsibility here…

It was a great event. As for the smarties, it was a great experience for them especially gor gor. Kid will still be kid, he can’t resist the game stalls even at “work”. As you can see, the day is not only about learning and making money, it was a day of playing too!


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    1. Yes, is really fun and kids get to learn something from the event! Especially for building up their confidence level… 😉

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