We love animal masks and hats!

We love making fun things! Do you know that these fun things can be a very useful tool to inspire the imagination of a child? Animal mask is one of them and yes we are making animal masks to inspire the little ones at home.

Before we start making the masks, the kids get to choose what animals they like. They thought about what animals they want to make, talk and think about how it looks. I’m pretty amazed at how fast they select their favourite animals and also a little surprised as well. My boy used to love lions but during the lesson he chose wolf instead.

The kids began drawing and colouring on the plates that teacher has given to them. This time round, the little one required a bit more help than usual as working on a plate can be a bit tricky for her due to the uneven surface as compared to a paper.

For my boy, he managed it well and was busy putting on colours on his plate.

The whole place was quiet when suddenly a roar and a howl came! They had completed their masks and they have started role playing not only with each other but with the teacher as well!! They were acting out the story of Little Red Riding Hood but our little red riding hood forgot to wear her red hood though and there’s an additional tiger in the picture too! LOL!

The kids and teacher had loads of fun role playing with their masks and they didn’t want to take it off at all.
IMG_0345-1 IMG_0342-1

We had a little extra time and some extra plates. What do we do? We made hats out of it! The kids started to get busy again with decorating their hats.
IMG_0439-1 IMG_0438-1

Before long, their hats are completed and they started posing and dancing with it. Didn’t manage to take pictures of them wearing it as I joined in the party too!

2 crafts in a day and loads of fun with it! Isn’t that awesome??

Here’s our video for that day.

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