We love Christmas!

Who doesn’t?? Especially the kids! My kids have been pestering me to set up the Christmas tree since last month but I was so busy with school holidays activities that I have no time to do it till few days ago. I managed to squeeze some time to setup the Christmas tree with the help from the little ones and as always, they do the “dress up” for our little green tree.
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We have been “running non stop” since the start of the school holidays. It was fun but tiring too. Finally, today, we have a break by staying indoor and take things slowly but surely 😉 I have came up with some simple and fun activities for them. Firstly, they get to colour Santa according to the colour code listed on the paper. My preschooler loves to colour and he’s asking for more but hang on… we have something else before going for another colouring fun.
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That is a memory game. I showed the little ones how I decorated or set up the background with some cute little images. They get to see my picture for about 5 seconds and they have to do the same as mine while i covered mine up. They enjoyed the game a lot and we had a few rounds of it before we moved on to the next activity.
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Over here,  my preschooler will have to complete the picture by drawing up the other half of the gingerbread man’s house and beautify it with colours. He got bored with water colours so he used markers to colour instead.

Before we end the day, we have some hands on fun with cut and paste “entertainment”. This activity helps to improve their motor skills and enhance their creativity too. That is Christmas postcard create and decorate 🙂
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We had a fun filled day with our Christmas activities. How about you?

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