Welcome to the farm!

Old Macdonald had a farm, E-I-E-O!

Did you guess it right? Yes, it’s a farm theme this week! We are going to the farm to learn about animals. Not only do we learn about the different types of farm animals, we get to learn about their produce too! We had a great time singing along the song while working on our theme.

My preschooler was really serious here in sounding out the word and filling in the first letter of each word followed by patterning, while the little one relaxingly practicing her prewriting skills and fixing the puzzles.

In this theme, both kids get to learn about the names of parent and child animals. They had great fun learning and matching the words and the animals.

My preschooler loves the matching activities here. On top of matching parent and child animals, he got to match the real animals and cartoon pictures too!

Now is time for memory game! This time round, I showed a more complicated picture with more details to my preschooler for 6 seconds. Then he started “fixing” up the picture with just the background given to him. Surprisingly, he can remember every detail of it except for the little cat and the rabbit, because I purposely gave him a picture of a cat instead of the rabbit that was shown.

His answer against mine 🙂

Of course, not forgetting the little one while the brother was busy with the memory game. She got her hands on sorting out animals between “Farm animals” and “Not farm animals”.

After learning all the basics of animals, we get to learn about what the animals produce. A very good chance to introduce them where are the things coming from or made of. The kids had a great time learning!
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