Which superhero are you??

Look — up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … one of our favorite superhero movies! Do you still remember?

These men and women in tights are always there to save the day and beat the bad guys when it really counts. From The Incredibles to The Dark Knight, there’s definitely, at least, one hero that a kid will love!

My boy was being asked which superhero he loves and he replied: “Batman!”. Here we go, we shall draw Batman for our superhero theme this week! Yippee! So, let’s not waste any more time, and lets get stuck right into some drawing lessons and learn to draw our superhero.

First we started off with searching reference picture of a Batman that my boy would like to refer to when drawing.

Found the picture he likes and would like to follow that. Now he gets some serious drawing fun! Teacher Huiyi showed him how and where to get started. She guided him through the basics of face and body proportion and drawing simple line face and body. Once he gotten the idea, he started drawing on his own paper.

Very quickly, his drawing is completed and he can’t wait to add colours on his superhero’s drawing.

He was so engrossed in making his superhero looking great that he didn’t even rest a bit, not forgetting continuous babbling on how Batman saved the people, fight the bad guys, ride his super duper cool black mobil…..Yes, this is how excited he is with his superhero.

Finally, his drawing is completed. Looking great isn’t it?? Oh, but this batman put on a bit of weight on his waistline. Maybe next drawing we shall draw Batman in a gym exercising.

Feel like drawing a superhero? Come and join us for a fun filled drawing lessons. Want to know what’s our next theme? Do stay tuned to our blog. 🙂

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