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Yarn artwork

2 weeks ago we completed a yarn artwork. What?!?! 2 weeks ago?? Yeah… this blog post is a little late as we were swamped with holiday activities! I had housework piled up, blog posts piled up because i joined my smarties running around, having fun during the school holiday. You guess correct! I enjoyed my 1 week “school” holiday too!

Ok, back to our yarn artwork. It took 2 weeks for the little ones to get the work to be completed because it requires lots of focus and concentration. They started drawing a picture with just pencil on a drawing paper. Then the tough part starts. With their creativity, the kids get to “colour” their drawings with a selection of multicolour pieces of yarns in front of them. They added the colours by pasting the yarn, string by string, onto their drawings. Now you know why they couldn’t get it done within 1 session.
yarn art pasting2 yarn art pasting1

The following week, they continued with their work. Once the main drawings have been nicely “coloured”. They will paint the rest of the drawings with poster colours and adding of fluffy clouds to the sky using cotton. Although it wasn’t an easy project, but the kids had great fun and enjoyed the process. Not forgetting a great sense of achievement and satisfaction after having their work completed without giving up.
yarn art colouring yarn art fluffy clouds

This is absolutely a great craft that help your child build his/her fine motor skills! 😉
yarn art 2 yarn art 1

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