Is your child struggling to understand the Science concepts?

Is your child finding it difficult to structure their answers in the open-ended questions? 

Is your child prone to making careless mistakes? 

PSLE is just a few months away!

Many children struggle in preparing for their PSLE Science as the subject matter becomes more complex and difficult for the children to keep up.

Indirectly it affected their self-confidence level and the motivation to learn.  

What if we can help your child to build the confidence and motivation to learn? 

What if we can help your child to clear their doubts and make learning the PSLE SCIENCE TOPICS with less confusion? 

Our 4-day PSLE Holiday Science online booster programme provides strategies and techniques to help your child tackle the open-ended questions. 

We will be covering the topics of: 

Reproduction of Plants



 Energy Conversion

The programme aims to help your child

  • to boost the confidence level by learning how to read and understand the questions
  • to gain a clearer understanding of the questions and know what keywords to use in the answers 
  • to improve the skills in analysing questions and making observations so as to better tackle the OEQ

What parents say?

Teacher Lup Wai knows how to engage and interest children in Science. She is good in using everyday materials, items and applying science concepts to them.
Mummy of Renee
Can see she's more confident in answering questions now...before that she was very worried about getting the wrong answer
Mummy Cher

Date: 21-24 June 2022 (Tues to Fri)

Time: 9-12pm

Venue: Your home 

Trainer: Lup Wai

Limited Slots!

Yes, I want to help my child!