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Lydia Binil

Lup Wai has played an important role in my parenting journey as we worked together. She gave me an amazing map session where she went quite deep to that place of where I was feeling that overwhelm around my health and also around parenting.
And as a young mother myself, I have 2 kids and I live in this Western part of the world where a lot a lot is on my shoulders. We, as mothers, we do carry a lot. And I’m a coach myself, still we need a coach.
Lup Wai has been amazing in understanding and being empathetic to go to that place of really, helping me uncover what that beautiful next step could be for my children in my house as we carry a lot at the same time how to gracefully carry that and do it with ease.
So forever grateful to Lup Wai for the sessions that she’s given me and very, very, very blessed to see the before and after after working with Lup Wai.
Very thankful. Thank you, Lup Wai, for that amazing session.