Colour Sticks Boomerang (Exploding Boomerang)

As a mum, I always buy things that look like I can do something with it but without knowing what to do with it in advance. The other day, I saw a pack of colourful jumbo size ice-cream sticks, I just bought it and left it on the craft trolley where smarties are free to make full use of the materials on that trolley to make or do whatever they want.

The next thing I know gor gor made a few boomerangs out of it, with no sticky tape or glue! I was amazed at how the boomerang turned out with just the sticks. He was happily throwing and exploding the sticks but there were some stubborn but solid ones that didn’t get “exploded” though.

He finds it’s a good way for him to calm himself with that where he can fix (distract him from his negative emotions), throw (vent his anger out) and explode! Isn’t that an amazing discovery?

Check out his video on the making of his boomerangs 🙂

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  1. Pooja kawatra

    Beautiful idea to try out with kids and good to hear the fact that he can calm down. We all need this with kids.

  2. shubhadabhide

    Amazing activity! The kids can do themselves, feel the sense of achievement and get calm down…great!

  3. Andy Lee

    Creative boomerangs! I find it very soothing to see the sticks stack on top of each other.

    cheers, Andy

  4. Michelle Hon

    Nice one. I think the fact that you always do something creative with your kids helped!

  5. Dave

    Interesting! Looks fun. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Winnie

    This is such a great and simple idea! It’s really something to keep little hands busy, and little minds engaged. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Mummy C

    Will be trying out this activity with my boy 😉 May I kindly know where did u buy the jumbo sticks? Tia!

  8. Jacqualine

    Wow that’s really a nifty idea, I never really know what to do with ice-cream sticks!

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