Craft: A is for Alligator

Remember we just did letter Aa revision? Now we are enhancing what the kids learn with craft. We are making alligator out of boxes that we have collected from “tissues”, “cereals” and toilet rolls. Not forgetting the egg crates too!

Most of the materials can actually be found within your household and recycling them. Smarties love recycling as they were taught the beauty of recycling. First, we gathered all the basic necessary materials. Noticed the egg crates and toilet rolls already painted?

Here’s a view on how the smarties got the stuffs painted before I can actually take the “raw” pictures of the materials. I would say is not easy and lots of patience is required here. Kudos to the smarties! Here’s my chance to make uses of the time to prepare their meals. Woot!
painting2_2 painting1

We have some coloured paper left over from previous projects and it started to turned yellow. So we made used of that to wrapped the body of the alligator up. Once is done, we sticked all the parts together and here we have the 2 alligators from the 2 kiddos and they further decorated it with other materials they could find on our craft corner.
decoInprocess2 decoInprocess1_1

Finally is done! How do they look?
alligator2 alligator1

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