Evolve with Pokemon Evolution Cards

Recently saw a post on Internet where they made Pokemon evolution cards. Those who play Pokemon will know what I mean. Some of the Pokemon have different evolutionary stages. Here’s how the evolution looks like:

Image from http://pokemondb.net/evolution

The cards that I was referring to are not those playing cards. They are really amazing and you can get it free from Red Ted Art! But not all Pokemon included, though.

Smarties like Eevee a lot, so we printed out Eevee’s template and started coloring, only then we realized that it is better to make the card first before coloring.

So halfway through his coloring, we assembled the card. As for mei mei, her card was assembled first and so she started coloring her Eevee not the usual brown but blue and later on moved to rainbow color.

The steps on assembling the cards were pretty easy and fun. Smarties love their cards and kept playing the whole day. Go on, get the free printables at Red Ted Art and start making one!

We made a quick video on the process too. Pardon the “unsteadiness” of the video as smarties were the filmmakers and mommy was the one assembling it. Not only did they enjoyed assembling and coloring the cards, they also enjoyed filming it as well. Check it out!

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    1. Yes we did! Smarties had so much fun that they made a few more to share with their friends too 🙂

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