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Go, go, fishing bingo!

Have you ever tried teaching your kids and getting frustrated because you have run out of ideas? Or the usual reading and writing is feeling too mundane? I do or should I say, my kids do.

Nowadays kids love creativity and excitement even when they learn. In order to “lock” their interest on learning, especially at the stage where they kind of know how to write but don’t know how to write (you get what I mean?), we have to come out with refreshing ideas.

I have been teaching my 3 years old about ABCs. In order to make sure she really knows her ABCs well, I have came up with this little game. Fishing bingo! That’s right. The kids were really excited when I started pouring all my little sea creatures on to the floor. They chose a bingo card each and getting ready with fishing rods. You can tell from their expressions they can’t wait to get started.

They started taking turn to fish for any sea creatures. Every sea creatures they got has a letter on them and they will have to crossed out the letter on their bingo card.
IMG_9223_-1 IMG_9222_-1

Mei mei here was thrilled when she fished out the letters, recognising it and marking it on her bingo card. Now they are challenging who will get bingo first. It was a pretty engaging and entertaining game before bedtime (bet you can tell from their PJs bottoms).
IMG_9237-1 IMG_9220_-1

We had one last game before heading to the bed. Memory game. Still we are in the fishing/sea theme. I started placing little sea creatures on the placemat and let them see for about 5 secs. Later on, they will have to recall and placed their sea creatures exactly like mine.

Bingo! He got it right! How about mei mei?
IMG_9249_-1 IMG_9250-1

Looked simple? 

Bingo! She got it right too! 

Alrighty! It’s really time for bed now as we have to wake up early for school the next day! Hope they are really “burned out” from the activities and have a good night sleep! See you next time!

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