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How to make homemade Teacher’s Day card meaningfully and mindfully

Time flies and we are getting ready for this year’s Teacher’s Day! We still have vivid memory of our previous craft sessions where smarties made little gifts for their teachers. It was also a time awesomely well spent for them to create something of their own and gave it to their beloved teachers.

Last year we made pencil holder for the teachers out of ice-cream sticks. You may check out the link here: Crafts for Teachers’ Day. This year, smarties wanted to make a simple card for their teachers. Gor gor hasn’t got the time to get to it yet, so mei mei started out first. We usually have all the crafts materials stored in one place so that smarties are allowed to mess with it. Yes, messed it up!

Mei mei was playing around with the materials and decided to make a simple but lovely card for her teachers. Let’s follow her and see what she planned to do. She gathered the materials that she needed and that includes:
– pom pom
– ice-cream sticks
– white glue
– stacks of coloured paper

Without futher ado, she started her project. Firstly with the ice-cream sticks. Guess what she’s planning to make out of the ice-cream sticks?

Next, she got a little help from me to cut out a heart shape from the coloured paper and she pasted it in the center of the card. Once that was done, she started using pom pom for decorations. She even arranged the pom pom according to a colour coding pattern, which I am not sure how she did it but she’s absolutely enjoying the process joyfully.

Finally, her little thoughtful card is out from the oven! I asked her why she designed it this way and what does it mean?
Her reply:”This is a little school with my little heart, surrounded by colours of hope, just for my favourite teachers!”.

I was amazed by her thoughtfulness on making out the cards for her teachers and her mindfulness while working on it. It feels really great to know she planned it out and did her mini project purposefuly and focusing on it with such calmness. Never under estimate a child’s, no matter their age, the ability to love, learn and create is amazing. Is a simple card, but I am certainly loving it (although is not for me).

Here’s a short video of how mei mei made the card on her own except the cutting out of the heart shaped part. Meanwhile, tell us what are you making or giving your teacher for this year’s Teacher’s Day. Enjoy!


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