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Life Science experiences with Marshall Cavendish Education

Science has been the favorite subject for smarties. Science is everywhere and is easily taught to children at a very young age. As best as I can, I’ll bring smarties to explore and learn with the use of our 5 senses.

Science is a huge topic and they are certain we are not able to explore such as the human system which is one of their topics in the school’s Science subject. We made use of books and videos in order to learn more.

As technology advances, the way we learn has changed. No longer are we limited to books or videos.
Want to learn more about human systems?
Want to know how DNA is being extracted?

Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) has the answers for you.

Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) has amazingly and awesomely integrated engaging and interactive tools into the learning experiences of the current generation of learners from augmented technology to brand new STEM kits and life science experiments developed in collaboration with a home-grown small and medium enterprise (SME).

It was a great privilege to be able to learn from MCE and have a deeper understanding of the changing trends in Science Education. We first explore with experiments provided by 42Lab, a BioTech Education Startup for STEM in Singapore and Hong Kong.

We got to get our hands dirty (hey, this is what Science is all about) while exploring the steps of extracting DNA and making edible water pods with the team.

Did you know that MCE has Mini Science Encyclopaedia with extensive AUGMENTED REALITY capabilities? Oh man, I totally didn’t know about it till they introduced it to me. You never know what you don’t know!

That book is so interesting! I showed it to smarties that evening and they were so awed by it. This book has made learning is much more fun when we get those knowledge coming to life!

Did I tell you that learning about the human system is no longer through books and videos anymore? Not only that, we get to see where our brain is located, which part of the brain is for what purpose and their name for it. This awesome tool is developed by Simply love this as it provides you with mixed reality experiences and encouraging collaborative learning. On top of that, it encourages a passive learner to become an active learner. We had so much fun exploring our friend’s brain!

Psst…do I look cool with this?

The day didn’t just end there, we had the chance to check out their STEM kit which MCE has partnered with Science Centre Singapore to develop. 

As mentioned on the MCE website, the STEM Thematic Project places emphasis on the application of Science, Information and Communication Technology, Engineering and Mathematical knowledge.

Now I feel like going back to school again. How can one not love learning when you have so many of such interactive and engaging tools involved? 

Tell me, which is your favorite from the above list? Share with me in the comments below!

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