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Nerf Game for Nerf fans

When it comes to guns, cars, aeroplanes and etc, kids will either love it or hate it. So when our friend told us about a monthly Nerf Game event, we didn’t think too much and agreed to join in because daddy and gor gor love playing with nerf guns.  On the day we arrived, only then we realised they were so many nerf gun fanatics. Some even brought a huge luggage full of nerf guns and others with nicely modded nerf guns for the event.

Ours? Pathetically (well, is not totally sad), we had only 1 nerf gun each without modification. Check out our friend’s toy, isn’t it cool?

The game was pretty well organised and before the game starts (as usual), rules and regulations were being stated clearly by the host of the event to the participants. Before the game starts, everyone has to have their goggle on to prevent getting shot into the eyes which can be pretty dangerous.

There were a series of games with some breaks in between where participants can have some rest. So where do the parents or non-participants stationed at? Right at the stairs of the stage. During the final 2 games, we were shifted to the corners because the kids will be fighting against the adults. The curtains were closed and all the kids were told to hide behind it. When the green light was given, they were to charge towards the adult’s section. It was both exciting and amusing to watch how anxious the kids were to charge at the adult’s section.

Mei mei was scared of being stamped on so she was seated nicely and quietly, on a chair, observing the game throughout. One of the adults tried to invite her to the game but she insisted not joining. Look at his attire and how well prepared was he, for the game!

Most of the participants have left right after the game, we were the last few to stay around and we were lucky to be invited to their future nerf gun workshops! The experts were explaining to us more about nerf guns, modifications and workshops and we got to learn a tip or two before we leave.

A great sharing session with the experts and great to know them too! Everyone was listening attentively to what they were explaining but I am still lost in all those terms being used in the nerf gun world.

Look at how cool this is! Even I am impressed…Finally, we left the place and gor gor was asking if he can come back and play again. I said, “Why not?”. He was delighted.

Why do we allow our children to play with toy guns?
Some of the parents strongly object their children on playing guns and were wondering why would we allow our children to play with it and even worse, taking part in this game and having the high chance of getting hurt.

Firstly, this is just a game. Of course, before that, we have to teach our children what is a real gun and what is a toy gun. It does help a lot if they know how to differentiate it and know when to play and when not to.

Secondly,  having a toy gun doesn’t mean we are teaching them to kill. I like the way the expert put it: it teaches the child how to respect their weapon. Yes, respect and be responsible with their weapon. Hellooo, all the boys in our country have to serve national service so why not teach them first?

Thirdly, this is a game with rules and regulations. Everyone in the game plays in an organised manner. On top of that, they learn how to work in a team, how to understand their team mates body languages, how to think and strategise. Best of all, they get to run and exercise!

Fourthly, the game teaches them to have a positive mindset. Is a fantastic chance to teach them how to keep the focus on the pleasure of playing the game and getting better each time, rather than on winning or losing.

Guess what? The daddies and the kiddos went straight to get more nerf guns after the event and they can’t wait to get their hands on to modified their guns for the next nerf game! So how fun can it be? Check the video and find out yourself.


Interested in taking part or finding out more about the event? Do check them out on Facebook @ “Nerf Singapore

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