Paper plate dino! *ROAR*

We are on dinosaur theme for our art lesson this week! If you have dinosaur-loving kid out there, you will definitely love this and my boy is one of them! He couldn’t wait to get started on it. Before we start, we had a short introduction to Mr Dinosaur (you can say Miss if your kid prefers a female dinosaur), then my boy was being shown pictures of dinosaurs to give him some inspirations on how he wants his dinosaur to look like.

We are not just drawing and painting a dinosaur on a piece of paper. We are going to make a paper plate dinosaur! I have always admire the kids with so much creativity juice in their brain. Within seconds, my boy was able to describe what he wanted and started scribbling on his paper plate and before I know it, he has already started adding colours to it. Fast huh?

Very soon, he moved on to drawing out the rest of the body parts of the dinosaur and adding colours on it while waiting for the main body (paper plate) to dry up. He was really focus on it to make his perfect Mr Dino. To me, there is nothing more adorable than watching my little smarty “working” so seriously.

When all the drawings are completed, we then proceeded to cutting out the legs and head of the dinosaur. If you are worried about using scissors, adult may help to cut instead, otherwise do supervised your kids when they are doing the cutting themselves. As for me, I would allow them to do it themselves under my or teacher’s supervision. It is a good chance to teach them about scissor’s safety and working on their fine motor development. Although many 3- or 4-year-olds have the skills needed to snip and cut, scissor skills are not fully developed until around age 6. If your preschooler is beginning to show an interest in using scissors, start exercising his/her fine motor skills.

The final step before the dinosaur is completed, we need to staple and stick the legs and head on to the body (which is the paper plate).

Taadaaa!!! We have completed our art for today! Raaah, don’t you love our little paper plate dinosaur?

We have provided a video for your viewing too! Check it out here. Have fun!

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