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ter ter ter T!

I asked mei mei, what does the letter Tt stands for? Below are the answers:
1. turtle 
–>”I would love to have it as pet but I can’t bring it for a walk…”
2. toy
–> “I NEED more princess toys!”
3. truck
–> “Gor gor has many trucks.”
4. telephone
–> “Everyone is using mobile phone now….”
5. tiger
–> screamed in excitement:”Mummy, can I have a baby tiger as a pet?” Definitely…..nope from me!
6. tooth, teeth, toothbrush, teethbrush
–> Oops! And I corrected her “toothbrushes” not “teethbrush”

Is fun when you have a review session with your child on what they know about the letters. Having them recall which word starts with it can be so interesting and also the best time to asses what they really understand or remember and what they don’t.

Now that we have talk and discussed about Mr T or Miss T. More revisions coming up with activities of course. We started off with do-a-dot but this time round, we are not using the marker. Instead, we used pincer with buttons and poms poms. letterT1

We proceeded on with worksheets where she can practiced more on her writing skills.

Once that was done, she worked on some puzzles and reading. Not forgetting sounding off the letter T before reading the whole word.

This is the best part. She loves this activity the most! That’s T for Teeth/Tooth. I did a little story telling about the teeth and a little science lesson on how tooth decay occurs. A very good chance to teach mei mei about taking care of her teeth too!  I made markings on the teeth to indicate tooth decay and she has to brush away all that to show me the clean teeth.

See how happy she was with her clean teeth!

Next, we had a craft session. Remember she mentioned about keeping a tiger as a pet. Well, she can have a pet paper plate tiger with teeth of course.

That was how her completed craft tiger looked like.

She’s addicted to brushing now. Helping her pet tiger to brush its teeth.

A week of ter…ter…terrific fun with letter T. We hope you have a terrific week too! Do stay tuned for our next letter of the week.

Here’s a summary of what we have learnt/achieved this week:
– recognise letter Tt
– knowing words that starts with letter Tt
– train hand-eye coordination and control
– self regulation of attention and behaviour
– train fine motor skills
– train phonemic awareness
– train independence
– dental health awareness
– building of confidence

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    1. Thank you! Is not easy since you are a working mom. A lot of preparation to do when doing home school…you are doing your part in a different way 😉 We are all power mums! 😀

  1. Nice! The toothbrushing activity looks fun! Though I think my boys would be more interested in making the teeth dirty than brushing it.

    1. Haha…then you ask them demonstrate to you what happened if they don’t take care of their teeth 😛

  2. Wow you home-learning moms are so awesome! I do zero worksheets with the kids because I’m too lazy! I am really not very creative with home-learning in the first place. haha

    1. They don’t like typical worksheets so have to come up with all these activities to learn at home. You are not lazy.. you just play with them in a different way 😉

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement!
      Will put that in my to do list 😉

  3. I love the toothbrushing activity! So creative! Maybe can make it into flossing activity too with a string 🙂

    1. Thank you! I did try “cutting up” the teeth to allow strings to go through. The teeth were terrible after being “cut” hahaa…. so i stick to brushing instead.

  4. These activities are definitely a great learning and fun at the same time. Thinking to try these activities with my little girl.

    1. She may get stuck with brushing the teeth on and on…just like my girl… 😛

  5. mummybean

    You’re a hardworking mama! I like the tiger craft 🙂 How old are your kids?

    1. Thank you! Is fun learning with them. Elder one is 7 and younger one is 4 🙂

  6. Love the teeth brushing activity too! A lot of hard work and effort put into putting these home learning materials together, much to learn from you 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes is not easy but seeing hem learning and having fun at the same time is really a great satisfaction for me and really makes it worth it 😉

  7. Love the teeth brushing activity too! A lot of hard work put into creating these materials , much to learn from you 🙂

  8. Kudos for the effort you put in to prepare these lessons for your girl. I’m sure it makes learning so much more fun and interesting.

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