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Learning about colors (颜色)

This week we are learning about colors. You may say is easy to teach little ones about colors as there are colors everywhere. But what about other languages? English is commonly used among us in our country. When it comes to other languages, not so often. Hence, this week we are learning about colors in Mandarin Chinese.

We will be going through some fun and engaging colors activities for both toddlers and preschoolers. First, we started off with reading and saying the colors in Chinese with the color flashcards.

Learning colors with little ones especially toddlers can be really fun but do bear in mind that most children are not able to differentiate between different colors until at least 18 months old.

We tried to match the Chinese words to their correct colors. They actually know the colors in Chinese but when it comes to word recognition, they do need a little work on that.

Ok, time for a “break” from Chinese words recognition. We had a little Chinese learning game on categorizing the items/objects to the right color cards. They have to read out loud the color and the object in Chinese. A little bit of a challenge for my girl as we have been speaking in English to her all the while and now she has to translate everything into Chinese for me 😉 As you can guess, the way she speaks is total “out of tune”. We were laughing non-stop when she speaks in Chinese, including herself!

What’s next? Game time of course! I have painted an egg carton with colors and took out the poms poms and toy tongs for them to play with. They had loads of fun sorting out the colors while building and improving their motor skills on grasping.

The next game we have is sorting of mails to its correct colored mailboxes. We had a little role play here pretending to be a postman delivering mails to our little mailboxes. The kids had done a great job matching the colored mails to the correct colored mailboxes 😉

Finally, we had a drawing and painting session. I gave the kids 2 colors: red and blue, and asked them what they want to draw with the 2 colors. My preschooler suggested a valentine heart and so we did an abstract heart art painting.

Can you spot how many hearts are there in the 2 paintings?
IMG_9134-1  IMG_9135-1

Objectives of today’s lesson:
– to learn colors in Chinese
– pronunciation of the words
– word recognition
– to speak and to listen
– motor skills
– sort and classify various colors
– experimenting with colors

Get your hand on our matchy mailboxes activity here:

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