An experience at iExperience

Do you know about Infocomm Experience Centre? It’s also known as iExperience IDA. The centre provides interactive and engaging exhibits that are designed to provide visitors with hands-on experience and educate them on the possibilities brought about by the Nationwide Broadband Network (NBN). It aims to bring possibilities and benefits of Next Generation (Next Gen) services. The key message is that it wants to show you what you can do now, and in the future, with a networked Singapore.

We signed up for a guided tour session (A day in the Smart City) with iExperience, located at Esplanade Xchange, over the weekend and they started with an introduction on the Next Gen services and how it enhances our lives with videos shown. It’s nice to have both adults and kids attending together. Previously, when we came for the tour it was only for kids. 😉

There was a 3D printer at the side of the room to show how it works. The kids were listening attentively and amazed at how the 3D printer works.

After the introduction, the guide took us to a display of how technology has improved over the years. Look at the telephones that we used in the past! Do you still remember them?

We were moved on to a “show room” where the guide showed us how we can control the electrical appliances with just a touch on your iPad or smart phone. Not sure about you, but as a mother, I find that scary when we are too advanced. I can’t imagine when the stuffs go haywire and everything is out of control. Imagine the kettle keep boiling, vacuum cleaner can’t be switched off, etc…

The next room showed us how it is beneficial for an elderly. The screen, looking like a mirror, shows the person’s medication information etc. There’s a toilet as well, where it is able to show how an alert is activated if the person went into the toilet for some period of time without any movement.

Even offices have become hi tech too! Look at the stylish little office space and these are already available in Singapore. This new thinking and working space with room for a laptop and a comfortable, adjustable chair is know as a thinkpod.

Over here is more of a mini enclosed office to yourself, which is known as workpod. On top of the basic office equipments such as computer and phone, even a printer is provided too!
20150627_140152-1 20150627_140209-1

There are many more Next Gen products that we went through, such as the bus stop and even the rubbish bins.
20150627_140403-1 20150627_140509-1

The one that attracted the most attention from the kids is the driving simulation where the driver will have to compete with the automated robot car.
20150627_132757-1 20150627_132845-1

At the end of the tour, there is even a goodie bags for the little one to bring home. The experience with iExperience is fun, interactive, informative and engaging. If you are interested to try this out do email/call them for an appointment. iExperience is open from 10.00am to 8.00pm daily. Admission is free.

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