Back to (home)school after a long weekend with common and proper nouns :)

National day celebration has just gone in a flash. SG50 has been such a hot topic of the year because our little red dot is celebrating 50th anniversary of independence! We had a great time partying with everyone around us. We hope you had a great time too!

Now is back to reality, back to school, back to work. We are extending our knowledge on nouns this week. Do you still remember what nouns are? Nouns name people, places, things, animals and ideas. To learn more you can check out my blog post here. Nouns can be further classified into common and proper nouns, that’s what we are doing this week.

So what are the differences between common and proper nouns?
Common nouns name the general items. For example, fast food.
Proper nouns name a specific item and start with a capital letter no matter where it appears in a sentence. For example, Macdonald’s or Pizza hut.

I introduced common and proper nouns friends to my kids. Gor gor got the chance to “shake hands” with them by reading through the examples given. Since mei mei can’t read yet, she will be doing other activities such as knowing about farm animals. You can read more about our farm theme activities over here.
intro reading farm practice

After introduction, we started playing a little quiz then gor gor proceeded on to his first assignment where he wrote his own profile that get him more familiar with proper nouns first while mei mei still sorting and playing with her farm animals mat.
doing together1

Gor gor moved on with more worksheets with games, the worksheets that I have created encourages him not only to read and understand, it also enhances his writing and thinking skills too.  I do mix common and proper nouns within a sentence and he will have to sort that out. No worries that he got it wrong as mistakes makes one learn better. 😉
doing together2

Mei mei, on the other hand, was having fun with her next learning theme. She went to pick up the transport pack and started tracing letter T/t. When she saw her brother playing with sorting fun, she went to work on her transport sorting fun too! This little copycat! LOL! But is really amazing how she knows what similar activities she can do just like her brother even though she can’t do exactly the same as him. I was actually quite surprised by her initiative too!
doing together3

Once they have completed their work, they can’t wait to show it off to me what they have done and happily asking for pictures to be taken of them.
noun sort complete transport sort

Not forgetting a sibling picture!
siblings love

Happy learning with happy kids and a happy mummy! 🙂

We have digitised the worksheets and is available in our store. If you are interested, do get a copy at our website:

common and proper nouns

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