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Benefits of playing with toys that let your child build, create and play

Children play. But technology has changed the way children play nowadays. Instead of toys, they play with electronic devices such as ipads. The attractiveness of an electronic device is extremely hard to resist, even for adults. Sometimes, out of convenience, we just give in to the child’s demand for the device so that we can have some peace. Peace or not. Demand or not. We have to be always aware that children still need to play with toys. Yes, physical toys that require hand-eye coordination and their motor skills.

Not only do toys provide physical benefits, it provides educational benefits as well. Building blocks are one of the best toys for the children. As they grow older, LEGO will be the one that enables them to build and create while they play. If you do not know, building blocks/toys help to develop a variety of skills and abilities in a child such as:
– enhance spatial awareness
– improves fine motor manipulation
– encourage thinking and reasoning skills
– build focus and patience
– develop problem-solving skills
– sparks imagination
– many more…

I, as a parent, always on a lookout for building toys for smarties so as to encourage and cultivate them to build and create. Our latest addition is the Lego Crazy Action Contraptions. A product from Lego. Smarties were fascinated when they received this and couldn’t wait to get started with it.

Behind the box, it mentioned that it has 16 projects that can be constructed using the LEGO bricks provided. The pictures featuring the contraptions were so attractive!

Gor gor couldn’t wait any longer and started building his first project following the instructions in the book. He was so focused that he couldn’t be bothered with his sister who was sitting beside him and disturbing him. Yeah, I know right. The younger one always like to test and trigger their elder siblings in order to get their attention.

He managed to complete the first project and wanted to build more. After trying out some projects in the book, he decided to build and create his own.

This round it took him quite some time to get it work. Seriously speaking, I was worried he might give up halfway and felt demoralized but I bite my tongue and kept watching instead of helping him out. It wasn’t easy and he took up the challenge by pushing himself a little further each time he met with difficulties. This is where problem-solving and critical thinking skills come into the picture where he tried to analyze, observe, reflect, evaluate, understand and make decisions on his own. He had to keep readjusting his design so that it worked properly as required.

After many tries, he managed to get his little project working as he has expected it to be. He was so thrilled and proud of his accomplishments. Indirectly, it boosted his self-confidence too. I was really glad I didn’t step in to help. Instead, I saw him pushing himself through the “difficult times” and finally he made it!

So parents, do get some building toys that allow your child to build, create and play. Through these toys, your child is able to experiment how things work and experience new discoveries. Learning through play is the best way for a child to learn and for parent and child to bond too. It’s ok if your child is not interested in building. Try to use it in different ways such as sorting and counting. Play some games with it. Make it fun. From there, it will or may lead to building and creating.

Interested to get Lego Crazy Action Contraptions? It is now available online at Preschool Market Place. Do check it out at their store and here’s a short video of smarties working on the Lego project. Enjoy!

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