Chirp, chirp!! Early bird catches the worm…

Good Monday morning everyone! It’s a brand new week in a brand new month and we are in the mid year of 2014. School holiday has started and the kids loves June. How about you?

My elder boy was jumping with joy when he knows that holiday is coming his way. He doesn’t know what is holiday when he was in child care but since he has switched to a normal kindergarten, he knows what HOLIDAY means to him and he really treasures it. Ahh… I miss those days when I was in school. Which kid doesn’t like holidays right?

Over the weekend, we brought the kids out and saw a bird’s nest on a tree. They were fascinated and that brought an idea to them. They suggested to make a bird’s nest craft and we did. They woke up early the next day awaiting for me to prepare the “ingredients” for them to start working on. Oh yeah… early bird catches the worm… 😉

With all the stuffs ready, they immediately started working on it.
bn craft bn craft

Taaaa daaaa! Here are the results of their work.
k craft j craft

If you are interested in doing this with your kids. Here are the ingredients:
– yarn
– colour paper
– paper plate
– drawing paper
– water colour

It’s easy, isn’t it? 🙂 That’s all for today. Hope you have a great week ahead and don’t forget early bird catches the worm 😉


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