Crazy blown up hair!

No, we are not crazy and we do not have blown up hair but we are going to make someone’s hair crazy, messy, scary and blown up! It’s really simple and it doesn’t get anyone mad at all. Curious? Want to know more? Here we go…

Each kid was given a drawing paper and were asked to draw a shocking face without the hair. Take note, is WITHOUT the hair. Yes, BOTAK! To tell you the truth, when they started drawing, I thought they were drawing a piggy. Look at the nose!
drawing1 drawing2

When the drawing is completed and colour added, is time for the fun part! The kids get to practice their motor skills by applying water colour using syringe.
drawing with syringe

What’s more fun is that they get to make the hair look blown up by blowing it! Hey, another motor skill here! They are supposed to use a straw to blow it but they find it difficult using a straw, hence direct blowing preferred.
blow1 blow2

Not sure why, they got pretty hungry after blowing up the hair. When they have completed the blowing exercise, they went to have some light snacks before we proceeded with the final results picture taken. Check this out!

Our blown up hair!
Our blown up hair!

Isn’t this cool!! The kids love it and I love it too!

I got inspired by someone who posted a blown up hair picture on the internet while searching for art project for my kids. This project is really awesome as it also helps in their motor skills (blowing, using of syringe and controlling the amount of liquid to be placed on the paper). On top of that, they get to learn on expressions too! Isn’t this a great art to do?

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