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Learning letter K

We are relearning the alphabets! You may want to ask why relearn when the child already know all the alphabets. To me, repetition over time is to make sure that the child really remembers well and also for the strong phonemic awareness. As a human being, if you don’t repeat often, you tend to forget. A child’s memory is extremely good as his/her “memory stick” is brand new but nonetheless repetition is a good way for them to master a skill or knowledge.

This week we are learning the letter K. I showed mei mei again what letter it is, she was able to tell me and we sang along with some phonic songs that I have downloaded. It was like a circle time for her to warm her up for the lesson and she loves singing and dancing. Warming up done and we moved on to sensory activity. During the sensory activity, she gets to play with the playdoh! Yes, she loves playdoh and she was given a mat to make the letter K/k using the playdoh she had.

We read the words that start with letter K/k and did a treasure hunt on the items that can be found at our home starting with the letter too! Before we moved on the writing, she did a do-a-dot on the kite.
do-a-dot kite

Now is the writing. To tell the truth, she doesn’t like writing but suprisingly she managed to complete that 1 page worksheet.
writing k

I wouldn’t emphasised a lot on writing for now since she doesn’t like as I do not want to kill her interest on learning. Once the writing worksheet is completed, we proceeded on to cut and paste activity.
cut letter k paste letter k

We have another treasure hunt game but this time is on the worksheet instead of searching around the whole house. I have created a picture, hiding all the different fonts of letter k in it.
treasure hunt

Once done, we did some size sorting and number matching with relation to the letter k.
number match sort size

Oh! We also have colour matching activity too!
colour match locks

Last but not least, reading and recognising words starting with letter k! We did a craft together to make a koala cup tree a few days before.
koala cup1 koala cup2

This time round, we made used of the craft for our learning time. All she needs to do is to put in only words that start with letter k into the koala cup tree. Look how happy she was with her little game and craft. She shouted out the word and nodded to herself if the word is starting with k and placed the sticks into the cup, and shaked her head if it’s not.
icecream sticks sort letter k

With the hype on learning, we “calmed” ourselves down with story time and nursery rhymes. That’s it! We have completed our letter k for this week. How about you? Hope you have enjoyed our learning journey on letter K/k!

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