Determiners and Articles

What are determiners? Determiners are words that are in front of a noun. We had gone through nouns previously, so now we moved on to determiners who introduce nouns. There are many groups of determiners and they are: articles, quantifiers, possessives, demonstratives and interrogatives.

Looks scary huh? You may wonder what these are and how are we going to conquer so many within a short period? Fret not! We will definitely get to make friends with all of them slowly but surely. Let’s start with articles!

We had a little short introduction of who are the determiners then we moved on to articles and get to know them a little bit more in detailed. So what are articles exactly? Articles itself can be divided into 2 groups: definite and indefinite.

Definite article: the
Indefinite article: <strong “>a, an

Mind you, in the world of an, we have always remembered to use it before a vowel but in actual fact, it is being used before a vowel sound not the vowel itself. In order words, the sound that is created by any vowel in the English language: a, e. i, o, u.

For example:
1) a university OR an university  –> Answer: a university
2) a honest man OR an honest man –> Answer: an honest man

Now do you understand what it means by vowel sound? Don’t worry if you or your child get a little confused. Remember practice makes perfect! To practice, gor gor did some worksheets about articles.

After the worksheets, we have MORE worksheets! Nah…just kidding! We had a little hands on activities instead of worksheets. He had fun picking up the “cargoes” and placing them onto the correct article truck.

Once that was done and the truck was full, is time for fixing up roofs of the ice-cream shops. That kept his attention for a while more.

Finally, we had a little game together! I made some playing cards and we had a game of snap. He was so excited that we had 3 games in a row until I have to stop him for dinner. Guess what? He won the last 2 games! Initially he was a little slow as he was still trying to figure out using ‘a’ or ‘an’ before snapping it. Subsequent games, he was like a race car! Way to go gor gor!

Learning opportunities with the activities mentioned above allow your child to:
– read and recognise the words
– understanding sentence structure
– train his/her hand-eye coordination and control
– concentration
– problem solving
– train his/her fine motor skills
– train his/her phonemic awareness
– speed

We will be digitising the worksheets and  upload to our store. If you are interested, do email us on getting a copy of the Letter A learning pack or get a copy at our website:

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