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DIY handicraft with Magical Water Baby

Honestly speaking, I am not sure if this is exactly a handicraft or a magic show at home. But I am sure this is especially fun and engaging for both adults and kids which is why we call this the “DIY handicraft with Magical Water Baby”. Smarties spent almost half the day trying to figure out how to do it.

Wondering what this magical water baby is about? Let’s take a look…

The product came in a nicely packed container and the colourings were individually packed in bottles as well. On top of that, there were a few designs of the mould to help the kids in designing their crafts and glitter for decoration too. Smarties couldn’t wait to get started.

The only thing was that that instruction manual wasn’t really detailed and it took us quite a while to figure out how to get started. We started out by dissolving half a pack of calcium lactate into a half container of water. Smarties worked hand in hand on stirring till the particles were fully dissolved in the water. We tried placing our fingers into the water and seeing if any of us have any allergy reactions. Luckily, we were all fine. (To be on the safe side, even though the product was stated as non-toxic, it will always be good to test out the products before exploring further.)

Immediately after the particles have been dissolved, smarties quickly got down to work with their favourite selected colours and designs of the mould. They couldn’t wait to see how it turned out and were excitedly decorating their crafts works. These “toys” are really locked in smarties’ focus as they love DIY crafts and experiments. Not only they could design their craft works the way they wanted it, they also got to see how it reacts after placing the objects into the water and watching it transform.

Unfortunately, our first few attempts were not successful. Their craft works were totally destroyed once it was placed into the water. It didn’t form as perfectly as it was stated in the manual. Look at these messes we got. You would also feel like giving up.

Did smarties actually give up? No, they didn’t. In fact, they tried different ways and experimented it till they got it working. They were exhilarated! Of course, mommy here was there to give them support and suggestions. Actually, mommy didn’t know what to do with it too. We were all learning together and trying to solve the problem step by step, little by little. It was great team work and finally, we found the solution to it. Do they look cute? It was really nice to touch as it feels smooth and spongy when you squeeze a little.

Smarties love this activity and they played for hours. We love how this product allows their creativity juice to flow and experiment it on their own without much supervision. We had an amazing family bonding time too while exploring it.

I have recorded the process of how smarties explore this new “toy”. Take a look at the video and check it out yourself.
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