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Fun learning at Imagin8ors open house

Have you heard of Imagin80rs? Imagin8ors is an Education Technology Startup that seeks to reimagine learning. Their activities always encourage creativity thinking with loads of parent and child bonding.

Last weekend we attended their May Open House at The Meeting Point located at JTC Launchpad. The moment we stepped in, we were greeted by smiley and cheerful members of their team. The event started with a quick and easy to follow explanation on how to get started and what to look out for at the open house.

Smarties couldn’t wait to get hands on with the materials available after the explanation.

We “took off” with the board game where we have to create our own characters, obstacles, treasures, etc. It felt like a manual computer game.

After the board game, we went exploring other stations. We found a table of non toxic plastic which the team is experimenting with. Smarties got to touch, feel and even shaped the plastic which ever way they want.

Next stop, we explored the drone. Smarties were very excited as they get to gyro control and perform block programming.  Mei mei got to design her landing station for the drone too! There was always someone available to guide the little ones and the no one get lost in any of the activities.

The final station was the Light Costume. No, we didn’t get to wear anything but we did get to put on LED lights on our body and started drawing in a dark “cave”. What the smarties did in the “cave” were being projected out and parents to have a good view of it. Parents can join in too!

When smarties were done and out of the “cave”, they get to see what they did as well. It was really cool!openhouse13

We had a great time at the open house with both adults and kids fully “entertained” with the technology and concepts available for everyone to explore. It’s definitely a good way to nurture the imagination and creativity of each child, and also to learn, think, apply and see the effect immediately. Smarties were really awed by the activities at the open house.

Imagin8ors conducts open house every once a month on a Saturday. If you are interested in joining their future events/activities/open house, do keep a look out on their FB page. Do remember to say hi to us if you see us there too! 🙂


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  1. This is looking quite interesting and a couple of new things which I haven’t seen before. Kids would have enjoyed it.

  2. I like the materials and activities provided. looks creative and fun. 🙂

  3. This looks like the kind of thing my kids love! Not sure if they are too young for it? My kids are 3 and 5.

    1. They can go for it 🙂 I do see younger kids there. My girl, 4, enjoyed it a lot!

    2. Hi!!! I am Garima from Imagin8ors. So thrilled to read all this. Thank you so much for such great feedback. We have our next Open House coming up on the 4th June.(we have it on the first Saturday of every month) All are welcome to come and explore. Or you can find us on facebook Imagin8ors!!!! Thanks again.

      1. Welcome Garima! We did had great time there. Will arrange to join your next open house 😉

    1. Youngest is 3 🙂
      Bring them there to explore. Is very interesting 🙂

  4. Interesting learning activities for the kids. The plastic shaping station is very cool. I think we shall see more of these technology based learning program in near future.

    1. Yeah… i do see many technology based learning programs popping up non stop nowadays. But prices are not cheap either…

  5. Shub

    Didn’t know about this. Thanks for sharing info about the new ways of learning through fun. We really need kids to learn stress free.

  6. Wow, is a super good activity to attract my kids to put down their ipad!

    1. Yes!! It does!! My boy didn’t ask for iPad for the rest of that day…. 😀

  7. We were there last year and I too highly recommend this for younger kids (kindy to lower primary). And their staff are really nice & helpful.

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