Gingerbread Man and Dinosaurize Me!

School holiday is the busiest period for both parents and children. Don’t you agree? We have been out and about almost everyday for playdates and holiday programs! I, as a parent, am very tired but fulfilling to see my children having a great time with their friends and not forgetting our bonding time too! They, as the children, of course LOVE school holidays!!!

Last week, we went to catch the Gingerbread Man show. The kids love it to the max as the show was really engaging with sweet spread of wonderfully catchy songs. I’m really glad they enjoyed it.

After the show, we rushed off to Plaza Singapura for a playdate. Along the way, we found a nice looking art piece made of recycled materials right outside Raffles City Shopping Centre. We couldn’t tell what that was till we saw the signboard “Ring the bell. Cheer on your country & team!”. Ahhh, now we know what’s this is for.

The art piece is a SEA Games Art Project overseen by professional photographer, Angie-Tan Burns and artist and paralympian Mr Gregory Burns, with contributions by SOTA and ITE College East students, and additional assistance from the lecturers. The Bell of Inspiration comprises of 1 main bell and 11 smaller bells that represent 11 different participating countries of the SEA Games. Ring a bell and show your support for the countries involved in the SEA Games! So the children happily ringing away with others joining in as well.

Reason for meeting up at Plaza Singapura was because of the Dinosaurize Me! event. We had our yummy lunch and moved on to the event at the Atrium. The event will be held from 29 May to 14 June 2015.
Dinosaurize Me-Plaza Singapura

The children were awed by two towering dinosaur skeletons of the Giganotosaurus and the Argentinosaurus. The minute they saw it, they went: “WOW!!! That’s huge!!”.
Argentinosaurus lands in Plaza Singapura - one of the largest in the world

There’s also a Dino Fun Zone for the children where they get to enjoy. There are 3 activities in total and each activity cost $5. Below are the details which I got it from their website:
1. Dinosaur Fossils Crafting:
Imprint fossils are created when organisms move. Learn how you can use clay to create these fossils, and discover how scientists use them to better understand the behaviour of organisms.

2. Dino Stop Motion Animation: 
Learn how to use everyday materials to construct and re-create how dinosaurs went extinct, and form animations using your mobile phone.

3. Geological Timeline Activity: 
Creative and educational, learn how to construct a geological timeline while discovering the history of dinosaurs!

After exploring the area, they started queueing for the fossils digging.

It wasn’t a long wait as there was someone watching over and timing the playtime for each group. Finally, our children’s turn to play. There wasn’t much digging required though as the fossils were huge and were all being dug up by the previous group.
20150603_131400-1 20150603_131346-1

Next, we head off for the Dinosaur Fossil Crafting.
20150603_134137-1 20150603_134409-1

First, the staffs gave each child a cup with a clay mixture. After mixing it thoroughly, they pour the mixture into the mould and wait for it to dry and unmould it.
20150603_134256-1 20150603_134239-1

After waited for around 30 minutes for the fossil to dry, we collected it and headed home as it was getting late. During the evening, after a good nap, both of them can’t wait to add the colours on their fossils and here is how it looked like after adding some colours to it.
20150604_213543-1 20150604_213527-1

There goes our day! Tiring but fun and fulfilling!

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