His little toilet paper roll alien on the run!

He loves aliens and I love recycling home materials. Guess what? I gave the kids a toilet paper roll each and some craft materials. They sat down at the table and started making alien out of it. Here are some of the materials they used for making their aliens.

You can see for now both are very focus on creating their little aliens. But not for long for the little one when I wasn’t looking. She started to use the markers decorating herself instead. >_<”

And here she is with her “beautifully painted” arm and feeling proud of it!
girl with painted arm

Very soon, the brother finished up his craft and the little alien came alive and was on the run! We had a hard time catching it 😉

Finally, he got caught and was made to stand at the naughty corner!

Hope you had fun reading our twisted story! Have a good day ahead!

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