Let's do sports!

Kids love sports and here we have created a sports themed game pack for the kids. There are many sports being played around the world, hence it’s difficult to decide which are the sports to be included in the game pack. Nonetheless, we have concluded 5 of them and there are swimming, rugby, soccer, tennis and basketball.

What do we do with this game pack? Well, firstly we can mix all the players up and let the kids do the sorting according to the correct scenario.
IMG_5762-1 IMG_5763-1

Next, we can use it as a memory game. I placed some players on one of the scenarios and showed the kids for 3 seconds. Then I will cover my scenario and they will have to find the correct players and placed it at the correct location on the correct scenario.

Finally, we can use it as an ESP game. For those who are attending or have attended right brain training classes, you will know that the school does this as one of the activities and is pretty interesting I would say.  For those who doesn’t know what ESP means. Here’s a short explanation: ESP is one of the right brain abilities and it forms the Right Brain’s 5 senses similarly to how the left brain senses are sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. Right brain training schools believe that through right brain education and the development of the right brain, a child will develop their ESP senses and with this game, it will help your child to develop that.

I placed the players on one of my scenarios. This time round, I do not show my kids at all what I did. But I do give them which scenarios and the players that I have chosen. They will have to place the players at the correct place as where I have placed on my scenario. Voila! They manage to get it correct!

IMG_5793 copy-1

But hey, if they don’t get the correct answer, don’t be discouraged. You can always try again with your child. At the same time, playing this also creates a great bonding opportunity between you and your child. Don’t you agree?

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