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Home Learning Survival Guide

Is hard to have a sudden change in our lifestyle where we were always out and about and now, due to the coronavirus, we need to practice self-isolation and social distancing in order to protect our families and ourselves.

With schools being closed in some countries, families are asking for support and guidance on how they can keep the children occupied throughout the day and get their work done. So, here I would love to share this quick and easy to implement stay at home learning survival guide with you.

Regulate your emotions
We all need to adjust and adapt when there are changes. Due to the COVID-19, many of us are living in fear especially not knowing how long this will last. We need to regulate our emotions so that we can enhance our wellbeing and performance at home. Most importantly is not to transfer the fear to your children at home.

Explain to your children
It is important to let the children know what is going on and why we can’t go out like we used to anymore. You do not need a long lesson plan to do this. There are simple ways to explain and even comic to educate the children about the coronavirus. Heres one example: Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus

Create a routine/schedule 
Now that everyone is at home day in day out. Parents working from home and children doing stay at home learning. We need a schedule set up so that things get done and thus reduce the frustration. As children are involved here, the schedule will need to be flexible to cater for any changes. Don’t forget to include self-care in the routine as well. If it is possible, divide tasks between you and your partner. Delegate housework to your children for those who are old enough to help out.

Activities Planning
This can be a tough one for some parents. As most of us are stuck at home, planning activities can be a tough task where you need to gather materials. Fret not, there are always materials that can be found home such as shaving cream, salt, oil, rice, bottles, egg cartons, stationery, etc.

For a list of activities to do, download the Non-screen time activities for kids that are suitable for a toddler to preteens.

Screentime for breaktime
Let’s face it! Screentime can be an awesome babysitter. When we have tasks on hand that needed to be done, it needs to be done but is tough when you have a child at home who keep asking for your attention. Screentime to the rescue (provided the child is willing). Get ready child-friendly apps or programs which the child can have access to. Most importantly, set a time limit for how long they can use their screentime.

Screentime for learning
Screentime is not only for play. There are many apps or online learning portal for children. Schools may also be assigned online learning for your child as well. While the child is doing online learning, you may take this chance to get your work done as well.

Let go and have fun
No doubt is a stressful period for many in this unpredictable situation. Looking on the bright side, you get to focus on family and spending quality time together without the need to rush to other places. Take this time to build a deeper connection with each and everyone in the family. How many times you have asked yourself previously, “How I wish I can have more time to spend with my children.” Now you have it.

Explore and Learn
You don’t need to bring public school home. Stay at home learning doesn’t equate to public school learning. Take it easy and allow your child to explore and learn according to his/her interest and own pace. Join your child, if you can, and learn together. Allow room for creativity. You never know what you will discover about your child. This is also the time where new skills can be picked up as well. For example, tying shoelaces, baking, sewing, etc.

Here’s how our typical schedule looks like:

If you are looking for a more detailed planner, do check out and download our Easy Peasy DIY Happy Planner

You are not alone! With the advancement of technology, we can always keep in contact with our friends and family members through zoom or any online apps. If you need further support on parenting, do join my Facebook parenting group at The Parent Whisperer – Practical Parenting Tribe

I sincerely hope this guide is useful to you and helps you one way or another. If you find this guide useful, do feel free to share with your friends and families. Stay safe and healthy!

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