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Homeschooling night @ Singapore Night Festival 2016

You may be thinking what does Singapore Night Festival got to do with homeschooling. Well, this year’s night festival’s theme is Inventions and Innovation where they aim to bring science fiction and fantasy together through the artsSmarties at this age especially are very good with creativity and exploration. Best of all to get them inspired.

Smarties were excited and looking forward to the festival. The minute we reached, they headed straight to the National Museum to catch the installation called Keyframes which offers narration in the city – urban stories where bodies and their movements play main roles. Smarties watched and came up with their own stories instead (see how creativity flows?)

Smarties were complaining hungry and so we headed to SMU for the food. It was really crowded as you can see from the picture below. Smarties were holding onto us tight to make sure none of us got lost among the crowd. Poor mei mei was at the right height to get bumped by bags and butts. Fortunately, she learned her tactic rather quickly and managed to avoid getting bumped around (ahh, self-survival??!?).

The smell of food in that area made us even hungrier. Smarties followed the smell of the sausages and found a sausage stall (i know right, the power of the sense of smell). We bought a sausage bun and fries to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Gor gor had a great feast on the food that was not usually served at home.

After filling their mini tummies, we headed to the Singapore Art Museum to catch the JOURNEY by NOVAK where Jules Verne’s novels will come to life on the walls of the Singapore Art Museum. We managed to catch it across the street. Smarties were fascinated by the stories that came alive on the walls. They narrated their own stories while watching and the stories were pretty funny when both of them trying to outdo each other.

We wanted to head to Peranakan Museum at Armenian Street to watch Parkour Performance by ADD Academy Singapore. We bypassed the food stalls again and this time, we bought ice-cream to cool us down. Smarties went ahead to get themselves the cendol ice-cream. They were observing what’s happening at the stall while waiting.

We wanted to try this Husk ice-cream but the queue was way too long for us.

Before we go, gor gor was asking me why all the stall owners are so young. Why there wasn’t any aunties and uncles like we usually see at the malls or food center? I took the chance and explained that these young people have passion on doing what they like and sharing it with everyone else. They want to focus on their inspiration and challenge themselves with confidence. Not sure if that inspires him to be entrepreneurs next time but I hope at least it showed him that if one is passion about what he/she does and he/she goes for it, he/she can be what they want to be.

I asked gor gor what is his passion and what he inspires to be. He said he will think about it. As for mei mei, she was busy slurping her cendol ice-cream but I know she’s listening…I hope…

We managed to catch The Wheel House which is a unique, rolling acrobatic theater show, that unfolds inside and around a stunning circular home as it travels with the audience walking alongside. We couldn’t really watch the entire show as we were far behind the crowd that had been waiting for way before the show started. I couldn’t grab a proper picture as I was carrying mei mei on my shoulder.

Over here, you can see how the wheel looks like, including the performers. Below picture was taken from another website. Beautiful isn’t it?

At Armenian Street, smarties found Star Wars characters with the light saber. WOooo hOooo! If you are a fan of Star Wars, you will definitely feel high! Fans were gathering around the characters taking pictures and also “borrowing” their light sabers and started posing for pictures. Of course, smarties were among them too…

Guess this is the best shot I have got for that night.

We managed to reach in time to catch the Parkour performance but as usual, it was really crowded and smarties had to be carried in order to watch the show. Well, not the full performance though as our view were blocked by others as well.

It was getting pretty late and we were all sweaty (weather was hot and humid) and tired. We ended the night with some Pokemon hunting while on the way back home. Nonetheless, it was a fun and inspiring night for all of us.

If you haven’t been to the Night Festival yet, do catch it this weekend. We will be back again as well because we have missed some of the installations and performances on the first weekend.

Singapore Night Festival
Date: Aug 19-20, Aug 26-27
Time: 730PM – 2AM

Festival Venues:
ZONE 1: National Museum of Singapore
ZONE 2: Armenian Street
ZONE 3: Cathay Green (Opposite The Cathay), School of the Arts and Prinsep Street
ZONE 4: Singapore Management University
ZONE 5: Singapore Art Museum, Queen Street, Waterloo Street and National Design Centre





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