Hoot hoot craft!

Weather has been super hot at one time and heavy rain the next! It’s so scorching hot that the kids don’t even dare to touch the playground slides and stairs. It’s so wet that we can’t go out and play. Well, no matter rain or shine, there’s always something to do. What to do?  Craft, of course!

Kids love craft and who doesn’t?? As for me, I love to use recycle material for the kids craft time. It’s a good way to teach the kids to see things in a different way and learn how to reuse and recycle the materials to save our mother earth. Today, we shall make use of the toilet rolls to make an owl. Let’s start crafting!

First, we need toilet rolls, water colour paint (we use crayola paint) and colour paper (for decoration).
toilet rolls

Next, get the kids to paint the toilet rolls.
kids painting

Once the paint on the rolls are dry. Adult can assists to cut the colour paper and the owls’ eyes for the kids to stick on. If you have older kids, preschoolers and above, you can get them to cut it themselves with your assistance. This is good to train up their motor skills.


Voila! Here is a picture of their completed craft owls made by the kids! They simply love it and they are now being displayed in our art room 😉

kids and their owlscompleted owls craft

These are simple enough for the kids to make. If you have any toilet rolls lying around in the house, you can start making this with your kid(s). If you do not have any colour paper, don’t panic! I’m sure every household has paper. You can use any left over newspaper, magazines, etc for the decoration. Even glitter glue can be use in this craft too! Let you and your kid(s) creativity flow! Have fun crafting!

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