Little ones having fun at Tiong Bahru Park Adventure Playground

It’s the start of the 1 week school holiday. Lazy mummy here didn’t sign up for any holiday programs for the little ones as I have planned some playdates and outings for them. What did we do on our very first day of the holiday? It’s a playdate with lots of play time and fun with the little ones’ best buddy.

We headed off to Tiong Bahru Park Adventure Playground for some real fun! It is my little ones first time at the playground. When we reached, we were awed by the centrepiece of this outdoor playground. It has a huge tilted train structure with an engine, three carriages and a caboose. Children can climb aboard and experience the “off-centred” sensation as they make their way through the train. Multiple entry points and slides leading off the train, invite kids to explore the ins-and-outs of the locomotive.
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The train structure is supposedly meant for kids that are 5 and older. But my “garang” girl went ahead and climbed aboard, following the elder ones. It wasn’t really easy for her but she managed to make her way through from one end to the other end of the train. *Clap clap*, not forgetting the gor gors (brothers) keeping a watchful eye on her too!

We also found a merry-go-round and mini maze at this park, right behind the tilted train structure. The children had an enjoyable time whizzing round and round.

If you have noticed by now, this is a traditional playground with sand instead of foam/rubber floor. Our little friend was very well prepared! He brought along sand toys to play together at the playground. The children had loads of fun doing some construction works with the sand.
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There is also a long “Flying Fox” spanning across the length of the playground and another one across the width. The children were initially afraid to get on it but once they tried it, they didn’t want to get down at all. It was really exciting zipping up and down with the cool wind brushing against your face.
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Although they had fun “flying around”, it is really tiring for the parents as the we have to push them from start to end. I wanted to take a break and the kids moved on to playing with frisbee *whew*. Can you spot the flying frisbee?

While the gor gors are playing with frisbee, my little girl went around exploring other parts of the playground. Her favourite spot? The swing! She simply loves swing and she just can’t get off once she is on it as she loves the thrill of flying high.

Parents and caregivers, not to worry. There are benches aplenty and shelters to rest while observing your little ones immersed in play. It’s a really peaceful surrounding and the best part of this? It is free and the kids still can have fun!

Come and try it out. It is just a stone’s throw away from Tiong Bahru Plaza.

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