My 5 senses – Sense of Sight

It’s the month of September and what occasion do we have in this month? Teachers’ Day! We have been busy making Teachers’ Day gifts. How about you? Is fun to see that the kids enjoying the process of making the gifts with love and proudly giving them to their teachers. Not only that, it also teaches the kids to love and to give. 🙂

After a week of preparation and celebration of Teachers’ Day, we moved on to our fun learning program. What do we have for this week? Well, we are going to learn about our 5 senses. We started off with flashcards introducing our body parts, with a simple explanation to them what each body parts does. Then we moved on to learn about our sense of sight. I asked the kids, what allow/make us see things? The kids shouted:”Our EYES!” and showed me their “eyes”. 
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We had a lot of fun playing with the toys that allow us to see through it and looking at things in a different way.
IMG_7816 copy-1 IMG_7815 copy-1
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They even played with my camera while I explained to them how our eyes work like a camera, which records picture into the memory just like our eyes to our brain. We had some other fun activities using our eyes too. The kids were told to match the colours of the popsicles. When they saw the popsicles, they started pretending licking it like a real one and requesting me to get them some the next time we are at the supermarket. Kids simply love ice-cream. Don’t they?
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Once all the popsicles are matched, we have a little story time but my preschooler will be tasked to find the words in a list when I am reading the story. My lucky little toddler just sit back and relax while my preschooler excitedly searching for the words! 😉
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My kids love to draw. I took the chance to add in a little drawing and colouring activity in this theme. On one page, they read a short sentence on the left and colour the image on the right. On the other page, they get to read a short sentence as well, but they get to draw the image and colour it. They love it and produced a really colourful pictures for me. I was so impressed that I forgot to take a picture of it.   
IMG_7848 copy-1 IMG_7849 copy-1

We had a little game of treasure hunt too! But not searching the whole house for something though. I have filled a bag of poms poms with some hidden gems and requested the kids to see what they can find hidden in the bag. I gave them a hint that they are 5 items in the bag and the person who find all the items first will win a prize. The kids were thrilled with the game and started searching for the 5 items eagerly. 
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What was the prize? Play time at the playground! The kids can’t wait… I gotta go! Till then, do stay tuned for our next “sense”… Have a good weekend!

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