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Run Mei Mei Run at Meiji Run 2017

Earlier this year, I have signed up for Meiji Run for mei mei and me. Unfortunately, I was down with chickenpox, hence daddy took over the job and went for the run with mei mei instead. Yes, I was upset I couldn’t join as I have planned this as a girly outing for both of us. Oh well, life still goes on…What I can do, at most, is to wait for their update about the run after that.

Before they left for the event, I was touched by this little girl’s action and words. She packed her towel and water bottle, get dressed then came to the entrance of my room where I was quarantined and said,”Mummy, you rest well, ok? I will be careful and take of myself. I’ll show you my medal when I return home. Hope you feel better today.” I smiled back at her and nodded. She turned and skipped her way to the main door. The door closed gently. I waited for their update.

When the event started or maybe midway through, daddy sent me a pic of mei mei. She was excited and started off the run with enthusiasm.

There were water stations along the way and mei mei gotten 2 cups of water, 1 for herself and 1 for daddy. She looked a little panicky when she turned around and couldn’t see daddy near her.

After, she managed to find daddy, she settled down herself with some water.

I believed it was a beautiful day to run as they were passing by the sandy beach, she stopped for a moment and enjoying the view and the sand. Yes, little children do want to play. No rush to the finishing line.

Enough of sand play, now is running towards the finishing line. Run mei mei run!

She spotted the mascots and wanted to take a picture with them. Funny how she had overcome the fear of standing near them. She used to scream and ran off whenever a mascot is near.

She’s gotten her medal and couldn’t resist kissing it. Too cute not to kiss, huh?

It was nice of Meiji to have outdoor movie screening after the run where everyone gets to cool down and relax while watching the movie with friends and families. Goodie bags were given out as well where you can enjoy snacking while watching too!

It was a fun day and a great way for daddy and mei mei to bond with each other over the run. They even brought most of the goodies back to share with gor gor and me!

Although I couldn’t join but glad that they enjoyed themselves. I guess everything happens for a reason. 🙂



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