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Smarties’ gardening journey: Part 1

Smarties have been assisting me whenever I am preparing meals for them. One day, they suggested how nice it would be if we can grow our own veggies. Ah ha! I agreed with them and so, we have decided to embark on the gardening journey.

You may think why would we want to go ahead doing the gardening instead of many other activities/hobbies? It is because:
1. me, the mommy, wants fresh veggies
2. is a fun and healthy hobby
3. smarties able to connect to nature
4. smarties able to learn new skills and about science while growing their own food
5. is a self-confidence builder as they get to take care of and grow their own food
6. learn about responsibility while caring their own plants and others too!
7. great family bonding activity

Most importantly, they understand where the food comes from. See the many benefits of gardening?

Smarties were excited. So here we go, heading to a gardening essential provider known as Ji Mei Flower to get our stuffs! There were lots of ooohs and ahhhs when we were there. Smarties were busy exploring the plants, the flowers and many other items at the store.

We found some plants we have never seen before…

and plants that gor gor have read about it in his books and now getting to see it in real life. For example, the Venus Flytrap…

the Pitcher plant…

and also our national flower: Orchid.

Smarties also discovered the different types of tools used for gardening…

and the decorations to beautify the gardens.

After some exploration, they started their shopping spree. They checked out the store for stuffs that they need for their gardening purposes.

Looked like they were really on a shopping spree, don’t you think?

Finally, the last items to get and the most important ones are the seeds.

Oops…not forgetting the soil! Mei mei was busy surveying which soil to get.

When all’s done, is time to pay and get home to do some preparation. It was a fruitful trip to Ji Mei Flower as we managed to get everything we want at one stop shop. Smarties had an eventful time at the store as they got to learn about the different types of flowers, plants, soil, seeds, etc. Poor me had to keep googling to find answers for them but but but I got to learn together with them and it made learning so much fun!

It’s amazing to see smarties observed and discovered the different types of plants and flowers when we were there. It also amazed me when gor gor managed to name and explained to me the plants that I did not know of.

Alrighty, time to get back home and start our gardening! Do stay tuned to our next post on our gardening journey part 2.



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  1. Shub

    Gardening is thereupatic even for kids am sure. Lovely activity you all have embarked on.

  2. Being city-dwellers, kids rarely have the chance to find out where their food comes from. What an educational and rewarding experience you are embarking with your kids.

  3. That is so cool!! I love gardening and I am thankfully blessed with a spacious corridor, but unfortunately, the corridor is forever in shade and we don’t get enough sun. A lot of my plants died that way 🙁 Looking forward to see the smarties growing their plants out!~

    1. That’s the worry for most people. These few days have been raining so we are worried if our plants will survive too…Nonetheless, smarties are taking very great care on their babies.

  4. This is gorgeous and a wonderful way in learning to love our mother nature. My 3 yrs old wants to buy few plants So that she can see them growing.

    1. Maybe you should! 🙂
      Is a great learning process even when they see it grows…

  5. We love outdoor classrooms, and your gardening trip is so much Fun!
    Eagerly looking forward to your planting post 🙂

    cheers, Andy

  6. My boys have been asking me about gardening. I have zero idea about it and seriously, I’m also trying to find place to grow herbs and such. Looking forward to your journey and learn a trick or 2. 🙂

    1. I had a hard time finding a place as well. In the end, we asked our neighbours if we can place the plants outside the lift and they are ok with it. So, woo hoo, we started our mini garden there.

  7. Wow! Seems like growing our own vege is well-within reach. Will be staying tuned for Part 2! Thanks for sharing.

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