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The next big milestone: P1 orientation

Our little one is growing up too fast and furious. Before I know it, he’s going Primary 1 soon! Nonetheless, I’m enjoying the journey of growing up together with him (while i’m growing old). It’s such a great privilege to watch him reaching each milestone, from starting his first word and now starting his first “big” school. Starting primary school is a major milestone!

It was an early morning and we headed off to his primary school for his P1 orientation. Immediately when we reached, soon-to-be P1 students and parents were separated. We were being led to the school hall for some performances by current P1 students and a speech by principal on how to prepare our children for P1.
performance1 performance2

Later, we were being led to the classrooms to fill up some forms and when that’s done, parents can pick up their soon-to-be P1 students from their respective classrooms. I’m glad that my boy mixed well with his classmates. When we were there to pick him up, everyone was waving and saying bye to each other.

We moved on to getting his books and uniforms. Everything was very well organised and it went through smoothly. Before we know it, it was lunch time and we headed off to the canteen for lunch. A very good chance to expose and prepare him to the different food stalls and how to get his own food.

Got a drink for himself and for his little sister too!

We’ve even got a book from MOE that assist the parents and child on transitioning from preschool to primary school.

Not sure how my parents felt when I started out my journey to P1 and I don’t remember there’s orientation such as this. Now that I have become a parent, I am definitely excited and the same goes for my boy. We can’t wait to embark on this new journey!

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