Mummy hen and its little chicks craft

Mei mei has been asking for a little craft work recently and she requested to make a mummy hen with little chicks. So I went to “dig” out some materials for her to fulfil her request. Here are the materials we will be using. Looked simple huh?

Mei mei couldn’t wait to be started. She was all ready to get dirty with painting and pasting. Look at how happy she was even with her hand painted!

She did some hand printing on the paper, cut it out and left it at a side. Yes, she did all the cutting herself. I was just sitting there to make sure she’s safe with the scissor. Next, she coloured some cupcake liners. She chose the colours herself as well.

She had a little help from me to stick the 2 paper plates together while the rest she did it on her own with instructions given.

Finally, she completed her little craft: The mummy hen and its little chicks! She was so delighted with it that she placed it beside her bed for display. 🙂

craftdone1 craftdone2

We especially love the flipping part of the mummy hen which shows the little chicks belonging to this mummy hen. It feels so cosy and warm. Not forgetting telling my little girl, she will always be my baby just like the little chicks to its mummy hen.

That’s our little craft for the day. We hope you like it!


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    1. Thanks hicamie!
      Is really fun and therapeutic for both adult and child 🙂

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