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Ways to teach kids about money: Count!

To tell you the truth, from my point of view, money is not an easy concept to teach especially for young kids. You talked to them about saving, what can buy, what cannot buy, etc. Do you think they understand what it REALLY means? Maybe…maybe not…

Before we move on to what to buy and what not to, we first need to teach them how to count. We started with place value numbers. This is important to set up the foundation of counting in ones, tens, hundreds and so on.

On top of using worksheets, we played with legos as well so that it makes it easier gor gor to visualise how the number “looked” like and how it is formed.

Next, we moved on to identifying the money. Gor gor got to sort the money according to its value. It also allows him to identify and understand better the value of each coin. Oh yes, he is munching away while learning… Don’t worry, hygiene is well taken care of over here.

After he got to know the coins well, we proceeded on to reading price tag and calculating the coins to match each price tag. We were playing with small amount for a start to prevent any confusion. So far so good…

and he managed to fix all the puzzles correctly with the self correcting puzzles.

We ended the day of learning with a game of “Piggy Bank”. Sorry, no monopoly here as we won’t be building houses. Instead we were competing with each other and see who has the most savings at the end of the game. This game is specially created by me to teach about savings.

Guess who won??

If you have noticed, we have been playing and learning with real money and not any plastic or toy money. When we are out and about and if we need to purchase anything, gor gor will be assisting us on counting the money. Not forgetting his little sister, standing by watching and learning from him too!

A summary of what we learn today:
– place values
– learning to sort and count money
– identification skills of coins and notes
– concentration

We will learn more about savings in the next blog post. Do stay tuned!

We will be digitising the worksheets and  upload to our store. If you are interested, do email us on getting a copy of the Learn to count money fun pack or get a copy at our website:


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