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5 Days Science Explorer Challenge

Do you know that Science is everywhere?

Do you know Science is FUN?
In fact, Science has always been fun and interesting!

Do you know it is important to create the amazing experience as early as toddlerhood?
These experiences turn into unforgettable learning experiences for the children and it keeps them curious. If your children are telling you that they dislike Science, it may be because they had a bad experience or wasn’t encourage to explore during their early childhood period. That EXPERIENCE shaped them with that negative opinions. Fret not, we can flip this situation around by providing them amazing experiences that can motivate and inspire them!

Science is a lively topic and it keeps children engaged. Science teaches children about life.
– It involves lots of talking, listening and researching
– It helps to develops patience because not all Science experiments show their results immediately
– It encourages them to learn problem-solving as it sparks their minds that they can solve problems as well
– It trains them to be resilient because not all experiments are successful at first try
– It teaches them to have opinions of their own

You want to be their great teacher at home who can provide a tremendous and lasting impact on shaping their thoughts.
You want to have a huge influence on your children.
Science Experiment at home

But you are thinking how do you get started?  
You tried searching Google but it is too overwhelming?
Don’t worry. I have got you covered. This is why I have created the “5 Days Science Explorer Challenge” where you can easily follow and get started with simple experiments that you can do at home with your children.

You don’t need to be a Science Professor to teach Science. You don’t need to have a degree in Science in order to teach your children. What you need to do is to be their role model and show them your curiosity by making observations about the things and events around us, ask them questions, and try to explain why things are happening the way they are now. Showing them your curiosity allows your child to do the same. With curiosity, they will want to learn more.

Of course, never lose the element of fun while exploring.

The 5 Days Science Explorer Challenge will begin on Monday, 8th October. To register for the challenge, do fill out the form below!
Feel free to share it out so that your friends can join in as well. Sharing is Caring!

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