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Quick Asian Style Chicken Stew

Smarties having a craving and guess what is that?
Asian Style Chicken Stew.

Smarties simply love food with loads of sauce. They claimed that it makes the food tastier and easier to eat. Anyway, chicken stew it is. Now, let’s head over to the kitchen and start cooking!

– 4 chicken drumsticks
– 1 yellow onion (sliced)
– 1-2 potatoes, depending on the size (chopped into cubes)
– 2 carrots (chopped into cubes)
– 3-4 cloves of garlic (chopped or sliced)

– 2 tbsp light soy
– 300ml water
– 1 1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce
– 3/4 tsp salt (to taste)
– 2 tsp sesame oil
– pepper

– Cut chicken drumsticks into cubes or half
– Marinate the chicken with dark soy sauce for at least 30 mins
– Fit EasyQuick with sealing ring 20cm on pot 20cm and place on Navigenio. Smarties can’t wait to start cooking!

– Heat pot at No. 6 up to frying window using Audiotherm. Put in garlic.
– Once the garlic has turned brown, place the chicken drumsticks into the pot. Reduce to level 2 and fry
– Add potatoes and carrots, soya sauce and water. Fit EasyQuick and set Navigenio on Automatic “A”. Enter 10 minutes cooking time on Audiotherm, fit and turn until the steam symbol appears
– At the end of cooking time, stir a little and season with pepper, garnished and serve!

** Cooking time: approx. 15mins
**Do note our servings are for 4 people. You may need to adjust the amount according to your family’s appetite 😉

Chicken stew is one of the easy recipes that kids can prepare and cook. Smarties starting to enjoy cooking and preparing meals for the family. If you are a parent, this dish is super fast, easy and quick. With the help of the AMC cookware, you don’t have to worry about overcooking. The Audtiotherm allows you to control the time and the EasyQuick pot is able to cook your food natural goodness and taste is maintained.  It totally fits into busy parents schedule!

Look at how smarties present their food! Do you feel more appetizing with the presentation?
Smarties couldn’t wait to start digging in.

Do you have a recipe that is suitable for kids who are learning to cook to try on? Do share with us! 




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  1. This looks delicious ? and I love the presentation!

    1. YoungSmarties

      Thank you!! The kids “decorated” the plate themselves. I’m pretty amazed by their skills. They really take note when they are eating out! Never underestimate them. LOL!

  2. Oh how cute. This looks awesome and I love that they got so into it!!!

    1. YoungSmarties

      Thank you! Yes, they were enjoying the process and the food after that 😉

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