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Cakepop fun at Spurbox

We have been baking at home but have never tried cake pops. When we were cordially invited by Spurbox to join their cake pop class, we were excited.

We are almost a week closer to Easter, hence the cake pop class is on Easter theme.spurbox

Before the start of the class, all kids will have to put on their apron and chef hat. Look how professional they looked!

The session began with a live demonstration on what the kids will be doing. You can see how focus they were during the demonstration by the pretty jie jie instructor.

Now the kids turn to get their hands dirty and messy! They will have to smashed and crushed the butter cake. A very good way to practice their fine motor skills.

There will be assistants walking around to help out the little ones. So no worry of them getting lost while in the midst of preparing the cake pops.

While awaiting for the cake pops to freeze before we can start decorating it, what do all the kids do? They provide storytelling session! It’s a great way to keep the kids stay put while waiting otherwise I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if there’s nothing to keep them entertained while waiting. You know what I mean? Because kids will always be kids. 😉

After story telling, there was a craft session relating to the story told. The kids were back to their “seats” and started working on it with guidance of course.

Oh yeah! Crafts completed and cake pops were almost ready for decoration. Kids gathered to the centre again to see how to decorate their cake pops.

It was so cool to watched the kids decorating their own cake pops according to their own preference (yes, they didn’t follow the design taught but create their own ones) and they followed the instructions on how to tap their wrist to allow the excess chocolate coating to “fall off”. Another good practice on their motor skill and controlling their strength too. Imagine if you tapped too hard or rigorous, bet the cake pop will just fly off!

Finally, their cake pops patterns were out! Gor gor actually wanted to make an angry bird. It turned out to be Chicken Little instead.

Mei mei wanted to make a bunny and it does looked like one. Not bad!

At the end of the session, each kid gets to bring home a box of cake pops and their hand made Easter crafts. Smarties greatly enjoyed their time at the event and superbly pleased with their “products”. They couldn’t wait to bring home and show daddy.

The event was very well planned out and was really a worth going event. It was a great bonding session between parents and kids too! A great learning-together experience for all.

If you are interested, do hop over to their website and sign up for their classes. A truly fun class to go to.

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