Happy birthday Singapore!

Oh yes! Our national day is coming! We have created a national day fun pack for the kids to learn more about our country, Singapore! The kids were really excited about it especially when it comes to our craft time that goes with the theme. This time round we started off with craft works and that is making of our national flag.

Materials required are really simple: poster colours, plain white paper, any used paper that you do not need and some scotch tape.

Next will be cutting out the moon and the stars. If you have preschooler, you may draw out the shapes and let him/her try cutting out the shapes for you. This can train their motor skills. Paste the shapes on the plain paper just like the below. Oh, remember to draw a line to indicate half of the flag that is going to be painted red.
empty flag

Now is the kids turn to start “stamping” the red colour on the paper by using the crushed paper. They love this!

Taadaa!! Here’s their final results. Our home made Singapore flag 🙂 Guess who made which one??

sg flag1 sg flag2

Art work done! Now we moved on to our fun pack. We started with learning about Singapore’s famous attractions. Pictures were shown to the kids and amazingly they recognised all the places. My preschooler managed to match up all the names of the places to the correct pictures and at the same time, he taught his little sister too! Swweeet!

Following that, we have matching of logos to the 4 famous attractions that are definitely known by the kids. 🙂 While working on this, they keep reminding me to bring them there again!
logo matching

Last but not least, is getting to know the Singapore culture. They were introduced to the 3 main cultures: Chinese, Malays and Indians. We have a simple activities where we sort out the pictures according to the correct culture groups. The kids had a lot of fun working on this.

We love national day. How about you? 🙂

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