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His homemade pirate ship

Gor gor was bored and he wanted to create something. He saw a pile of cardboard that I have collected and requested to work on some crafts by making use of the cardboards available. Finally he decided to make a pirate ship out of it.

He wanted some reference and so we browsed through the pictures on the internet to get some inspirations. He found a design he likes, looked at it for a moment and started working on it. Very soon, he “crafted” out the ship according to the design he wanted. A good way to train their photographic memory. He did not reference back to the picture at all.

He loves this process where he has to glue the paper onto the boat using his bare hands. He was having so much fun with this sensory play. He described the gluey feeling as silky and slippery.

The gluey paper took quite some time to dry up. He has to wait for the next day before he could start painting on it…

…and proceeded on to decorating it. A good way to increase and improve their creativity and decision making.

At last, his project is completed and he is certainly a happy boy with his happy little red pirate ship. He took the cover from a blue box and picked some blue legos to form the sea. Kudos to you for your great imagination and creativity.

Good job my boy! You did it all on your own!





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  1. My little ones were very impressed with this and have gone off to create!!! x

    1. Cool! Share the pics of your little ones’ creation 🙂
      Would love to see their little pirate ship

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