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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

If you have checked out our “Top 5 things to do with kids this Christmas” blog post, you would know about the Snow Time at Tanglin Mall.

We went to Tanglin Mall to have our dinner and the kids just couldn’t contain their excitement when we were eating. They quickly gobbled down their food and headed straight to the snowy area in a flash!

We waited for a while and before we knew it, it started “snowing”!!!  In actual fact is foaming. The kids were fascinated by the thick foam blowing out from the machine. Very soon, we all became snowman with foam stuck on our body from top to bottom.

Nonetheless, the kids were having extreme fun playing with the foam except when it got into their eyes and we have to stand by hankie to clean their eyes.
tanlinsnow1-1 tanlinsnow2-1

Above photos were the courtesy of a fantastic shot by a friend. If you have not been there yet, time to make plan for it.

What’s more is FREE!! Free foam, free happiness, free play! But do remember to bring extra clothings and towels. There will be an area for people to have a quick wash up (open concept). You will need to clean up yourself and the kids after so much fun with the foam.

Have fun!


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