My 5 senses – Sense of Smell

Learning about the sense of smell can be really fun.  We talked about how our noses help us to smell. Sometimes we are alerted to danger or something that has a bad scent, it tells your brain that something is bad. The same sense also allows us to find happiness, satisfaction or pleasure. For example, cakes or cookies baking in the oven, beautiful blooming flowers or just after a rain. All these have smell and it wouldn’t be the same without our noses to help us.

Here are my worksheets and activities to begin our smelling journey. The children were showing me their noses before we begin…

While warming up their noses, we started with some reading, colouring and writing activities.
IMG_7983-1 IMG_8017-1

Once their noses have warmed up. The little ones began the smelling exercise. We had great fun working on this and you know what? My boy hates durian and one of the bottles that I have prepared is the smell of durian! LOL! He nearly threw my bottle   onto the floor while telling that smell is disgusting. Argh! I was laughing so hard with his expression that I forgot to take his picture. I know I’m a bad mummy but they need to smell something bad so that they will appreciate good smell, am I right?
IMG_7947-1 IMG_7938-1

Guess which smell they love best? Lavender… they just can’t stop smelling that. ;P

We played a little game with the scented bottles. Firstly, they have to identify each smell and placed it on the correct card, followed by matching the scented bottles with the similar smell. I have a little sticker at the bottom of the bottles to match it and the kids had an enjoyable time playing with it.

Another fun activity we had is the matching of the animals noses. My 2 years old found it a little difficult to identify some of it but for my preschooler, it wasn’t difficult at all. He even guided his sister on matching some of the animals noses.

Once they were done, they showed me the elephant’s nose!
IMG_7952-1 IMG_7955-1

It was an enjoyable moment with the kids and they had great fun too! Happy smelling!

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