Picasso's abstract art

Hello world! We are in the midst of working on a new set of worksheets and activities. While awaiting for the worksheets to be completed, I have created a maths beading board for the little ones. This is what I did the night before while the kids are asleep.

These are the materials for making the beading board. I have cut out a cardboard from a box. Best way to recycle stuffs 😉 As for the beads, those are what I have used to make necklaces in the past!

Materials preparation

Voila! Here is the beading board! Colorful isn’t it? You can try making 1 too. Is easy! As for the pipe cleaners, I got it from Daiso.
maths beading board

This morning, as usual, we did our flashcards program where one of the topics was about Picasso. The kids had a brief introduction about Picasso and his few famous paintings. They love looking at his paintings. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know that Picasso was such a strong influential artist till I started my research on him. All I know about him was a painter. He is such an inspiration to me after “knowing” him.

Picasso’s paintings are a great way to teach kids about abstract art. The kids hands started to itch after looking at his beautiful drawings. Immediately, after the lesson about Picasso and abstract art, the kids quickly grabbed their drawing paper and colour pencils and start to get down to work by creating a self portrait in the style of Picasso.

Here they are focusing on their art.
girl drawingboy drawing

The little one doesn’t like colouring so she proceeds on with the maths beading board while the elder boy finished up his colouring. After he’s done, he joined his sister on the maths beading board.
maths beadings

And here are my little Picasso’s art! Bet you can tell which belongs to who.
picasso art

My boy even drew another picture behind the page as well.
little picasso

There goes our morning! Hope you had a great morning and have a great day ahead! Stay tuned for our new fun pack 😉

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