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Promoting the love for Chinese

Last Saturday we attended the first session of the Chinese Reading Club (小小书迷读书会) event at the Jurong National Library. The purpose of this event is to promote the love for Chinese among the preschoolers.

The topic for that day was about Chinese New Year. There was a short introduction about the topic followed by a story telling session with 2 stories related to Chinese New Year. Smarties were engrossed during this period while the teacher was reading.

Following that, there was an art and craft activity. Materials were all provided and the smarties were all very excited. Looked at how comfortable they were during this time.

However, they didn’t manage to finish up their art work because they were so comfortable working on it at their own pace. We brought the unfinished work home to continue.

Now is time for parent and child bonding activity. How do we bond? By reading together. There was light refreshment being served too! Smarties as well as all the other children were all enjoying a great time there.

Overall, the activities involved were great and it did encouraged the smarties to borrow more Chinese story books to read too! Kudos to preschool teachers network for such event! We had a fun and fulfilling Saturday. 🙂

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